Available now: Lo-Fi & Lackadaisical

LxL cover

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Well, I’m finally starting a musician page. I don’t really know how I feel about that, but I know that after enough nagging from friends I created a very lazy album, and if they were nagging me to do it, it must be time.

Lo-Fi & Lackadaisical is exactly what it sounds like, and album of miscellaneous songs about miscellaneous things, recorded at low quality on a cell phone. Basically, it’s a collection of rough drafts. I record new tracks for my own benefit as I write them, and most of the time they’re pretty terrible, but sometimes they come out kind of okay. So, LxL is a kind of okay pay-what-you-want album that I created mostly to silence that one persistent friend. You know who that friend is. We all have that friend.  It’s not the most amazing album you’re ever going to hear. Sometimes the furnace kicks on when I’m recording, or my chair squeaks, or, you know, whatever. Shit happens. But, if you like weird folk-ish songs that sound like they were recorded from the basement of a tin can, it might be up your alley.

Once motivation kicks in, if it kicks in, I’ll re-record these and other tracks at better quality and release proper albums, but for the moment, this is all you get because I’m just that kind of lazy.

This blog is going to end up serving as a sort of haphazard music portfolio, so I won’t be posting here all that often, but I’ll post when I release new music, or I’ll post on the very rare event that I’m doing a show somewhere. You probably can’t expect much more out of me than that here. I have another blog to ramble on, so there’s really no reason for me to do so here as well.

So, for music releases, new tracks, etc, visit me at this blog: Shel Zeke (You Are Here)

If you’re interested in listening to me ramble my way through lessons and talk about instruments and concerts and occasionally spam you with photos of trees, then you should visit my other, older blog, here: Sound Waves & Spray Paint.

That is all.